Outlaw Skulls Club

Frequently asked questions 

Here we will put the questions we get asked most and we will update this over time. For the most recent updates on our project join our Discord.

  • How many Outlaw Skulls are there? 

There are 5000 Skulls

  • What is the price of an Outlaw Skulls? 

In the presale a Skull costs 0.91 SOL, in the public sale this will be 1.32 SOL

  • How do I get whitelisted? 

Whitelist is available through our Discord, instructions on how to get whitelist are found in the #get-whitelisted chat

  • When will Outlaw Skulls launch? 

Information about our launch date will come soon

  • How can I buy an Outlaw Skulls NFT? 

You can buy our NFT's through our own minting website until they are sold out, after that you can only buy them on Opensea.

  • Is there a maximum mints per wallet?  

There will be a maximum of 10 mints per wallet

  • Are there different types of rarities?

Yes, every Skull has their own unique rarity